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Are you familiar with the benefits involved with a dental crown? Dental crowns are highly reliable cosmetic dentistry treatments that apply a complete cap over the top of a tooth. This allows the tooth to be protected on all sides clear down to the gum line. Not only will this allow the dentist to craft a tooth to fit precisely in your mouth and look as intended, but it can also provide many decades of support and protection from various issues such as dental erosion and cavities.

Dental crowns are an extremely popular tooth restoration treatments because of their ability to repair even severely damaged or broken teeth. Even when all other restoration treatment options have been exhausted, it is often possible for a dental crown to restore a tooth before a tooth extraction will be needed.

Dental crowns are durable and known for their ability to function in tandem with other tooth restoration treatments. Crowns can be used to cap and conceal implants, bridges or root canals and can even be used in situations to hold together a dental filling with a tooth in situations where not enough tooth remains. Dental crowns can be customized and crafted as needed to provide an aesthetic upgrade to abnormal teeth as well.

With the skilled craftsmanship of Dr. Brenda E. Howard and our team at our office in Lanham, Maryland, we can help your smile thrive with dental crowns. To book an appointment for dental crowns at Blissful Dental, call us at 301.552.2662.