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Do you know about the basics of cosmetic dentistry? If not, you have come to the right place! There are multiple ways to improve your smile, which all start under the realm of cosmetic dentistry.

To help you learn more about cosmetic dentistry, our dentist, Dr. Brenda E. Howard with Blissful Dental in Lanham, Maryland, is happy to share this information with you.

Cosmetic dentistry covers a blanket of procedures that can be done to improve your smile tremendously. As an example, a dental crown can be used to correct a very large or damaging cavity or to protect a tooth. However, dental crowns can also be used to enhance the appearance of a cracked or discolored tooth. Dental veneers are also an ideal option for improving your smile because they are made with incredible materials that are both durable and appear flawless. Other cosmetic dental procedures can include something simple like a teeth-whitening treatment to whiten the shade of your teeth.

Keep in mind, the first step with any cosmetic dentistry procedure begins talking to your dentist about what goals you have for your smile. Your dentist will be able to speak with you about how to accomplish your goals and set you on the right path to get the smile of your dreams.

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