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You’ve heard that plaque is public enemy No.1 of your teeth. But the truth is, plaque is a pushover compared to tartar. Why? Because, even though plaque is the instigator of all dental decay, it can be removed pretty easily by regular brushing and flossing, whereas tartar is like cement on your teeth. It can only be completely eradicated by a dental professional with specialized scalers and polishers. Tools made for the tough job.

Of critical concern, when you allow plaque to stay long on your teeth, it only takes about 48 hours before it turns into tartar and gets so hard that it is practically impossible to remove. Once this happens you might as well book your next appointment at the dental office because you can’t do it yourself.

You might be tempted by supposed dental toolkits that can be found online, but don’t be seduced. Trying to remove tartar at home cannot be done properly by a do-it-yourself toolkit, and even if they are legitimate dental instruments, you’ll only end up damaging your mouth and teeth. Your dental hygienist has gone to college and studied for at least two years in order to be able to do this properly. Some even have master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Allow her (or him) to do the job right.

If you haven’t been in to visit the dentist for more than six months … What were you thinking?!!. Make an appointment right away with Dr. Brenda E. Howard and our helpful team at Blissful Dental. Call us at 301.552.2662, or come by our office in Lanham, Maryland.