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Have you ever taken the time to assess your oral health and look for signs of damage in relation to tooth decay? Because tooth decay often arises due to damage to your tooth enamel, you will need to make sure that all aspects of your oral health are well taken care of to ensure further damage cannot occur. If tooth decay is allowed to continue to arise, eventual tooth death will follow.

If you continually find yourself at risk for tooth decay, it probably means that you’re cleaning utensils are not doing their job effectively. Provided that you are still brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day, your mouth should be well protected against several risks associated with tooth decay. However, if your products are damaged or worn down, they will not be able to function as needed.

Some more risks associated with tooth decay are due to plaque buildup. Plaque is a thin layer on your tooth enamel that can convert substances in your mouth into harmful acids. These acids will attack your tooth enamel until a hole has formed. When a hole forms, this is known as a cavity. To help prevent dental erosion and cavities associated with tooth decay, visit your dentist for regular examinations and be sure to implement an effective oral hygiene routine to keep your smile strong.

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