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As you age, you must continue the tried and true oral health practices that have kept your teeth free from decay as a youth. No matter how much you’ve cut down on candy since you were a kid, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get cavities as an adult. Plaque still builds up on your teeth day by day and the battle against decay is as fierce as ever.

As an adult, you now have to worry more about things like gum disease than children do. So, you haven’t lost any dental worries by getting older. In reality, you have just swapped concerns about one aspect out for another. It is still important to consistently follow the best practices of dental health.

– Regular visits to the dentist (every six months) for professional cleaning..
– Brushing twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride.
– Floss once a day to get the plaque that hides in between teeth.
– Reduce sugars and starches in your diet.

If you are keeping up those dental healthcare rituals, that is half the battle. The potential oral risks you should be aware of later in life are:

– Gum disease
– Decay around existing fillings and on root surfaces.
– Tooth sensitivity from receding gumline exposing tooth roots.
– Fractured or compromised teeth needing crowns.

If you’d like more information about aging teeth and what you can do to care for them, feel free to call Dr. Brenda E. Howard and our team at Blissful Dental. You can make an appointment at: 301.552.2662, or come by our office in Lanham, Maryland.